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Yacht broker Croatia is a yacht broker agency, specialized in boat trade and boat brokerage in Adriatic. In our offer we have used sailboats for sale and used motorboats for sale, as well as new yacht models for sale. Our yacht brokerage service includes renowned names in boat trade. We have Pricess, Sunseeker, Fairline, Cranchi, Bavaria, Elan, Jeanneau, Beneteau second-hand yachts for sale. If you are interested in buying a yacht we have all types of yachts for sale in Adriatic. We also provide services when buying a yacht. If you are looking to buy a used sailboat and/or motor yacht or to sell a power yacht or sailing boat, we are professionals in yacht brokerage in Croatia. If you have boats for sale or if you are looking to buy a boat, we are yacht broker in Adriatic specialized in yacht trade in Adriatic.

What is charter management?

Charter management is a program that allows you to become a boat owner, by chartering the boat you purchased, and paying off the loan with charter money. It is not the way to make big money; it is an opportunity to buy a boat you like, rather painlessly.

How does it work?

When you decide upon a boat youíd like to own, the charter company will make you one or several offers from the dealers. You pick the offer you like the best, arrange payment with the bank or leasing company and define the charter terms with our agency. We will charter and maintain your boat, and you have the right to an agreed number of weeks to use it yourself.

We use our percentage of the charter income, as well as skills and knowledge to:

  • take care of marketing (boat presentation, advertising) Ė to win clients and book the boat for as many weeks as possible
  • pay booking commission to other agencies
  • do office work, direct contacts and other business function
  • take care of boats servicing, intervention and repair by qualified hand only
  • cover the expenses of working hours for necessary maintenance and small repairs during charter period
  • maintain hull, engine and generator (regular changing of oil filter and zincs)
  • organize boat underwater protection and cleaning of the underwater part
  • take care of boat cleaning
  • make sure the boat is repaired on the spot in case of failure during charter period, or that it is puller back to the base in case of larger difficulties

From your part of the income you cover the following expenses:

  • insurance for the boat in Croatia, which covers all risks including the insurance of the third parties.
  • boat registration and navigation licenses
  • obtaining of all documents necessary for charter - concession, temporary import, cabotage
  • annual berthing costs
  • getting the boat ashore and putting it back to sea (use of travel lift, cradle, hydraulic boat carriage)
  • replacement off all worn out parts or bad quality materials of the equipment
  • restoration or replacement of equipment that was damaged or ruined through the regular usage
  • interventions or other repairs caused by worn out or by bad quality of originally installed equipment
  • material for protection of underwater parts, except for applying the final layer of antifouling
  • hull and engine spare parts and the change of grease (oil ), filters and transmission belts
  • winter service and engine conservation and preparation of the boat, engine and all other vital equipment, polishing and general cleaning up
  • installing of any equipment at the owner's demand

There is no minimum charter-weeks guarantee, but solid booking should bring you enough money to cover all these expenses and a monthly payment for the boat. After 5-7 years, you will be the sole owner of the boat, and you can continue to charter it, or you can keep it completely for your enjoyment.

Why to join charter management?

  • If you are looking to buy the boat, new or slightly used, but canít afford it, charter management allows you to do it with minimum expenses.
  • If you want to buy the boat but donít think you will have much time to use it yourself and you donít want to see it wasting away.
  • If you already own a good boat, but donít have time to use it, or think you could make some money chartering it.

Please note that our agency doesnít accept all boats in charter management. Some models may be ideal for your needs but not every boat is suitable for charter. We believe that boats that are less than 30 ft (9 m) in length, older than 3 years, and have engines that run on petrol are not good for charter.

Remember, charter management wonít make you rich. It will only help you buy the boat you want. After several years of charter and limited usage, you will become the only owner of your yacht. Meanwhile, charter income should be sufficient to cover all expenses of the boat, as well as your monthly payments for it.